Midwest 40-20 Snap'y Fit Water and Feed Bowl, 20 Ounces

Midwest 40-20 Snapy Fit 20 Ounces

Midwest 40-20 Snap'y Fit Water and Feed Bowl, 20 Ounces

by Midwest Homes for Pets

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  • Locks securely to pet crate to prevent spilling
  • Made from rustproof brushed stainless steel
  • Dual pole design prevents bowl from rotating
  • Wingnuts remove easily
  • Includes patented snap-in bracket
  • Price: $8.31 Save: 68%
  • $26.05 List Price
  • In Stock
  • Free Shipping on orders over $35
  • Ships and sold by Amazon.com

  1. Brand: Midwest Homes for Pets
  2. Manufacturers Age: 0 months and up
  3. Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 2 inches
  4. Shipping Weight: 0.65 pounds
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There are many Stainless Steel bowls on the market, but none like the Snapy Fit Bowls. The Snapy Fit patented system holds the bowl firmly in place and yet, allows easy removal. Pet parents have been frustrated for years with conventional water bowls because pets can dislodge the bowls and spill the food and water. The Snapy Fit patented system solves this problem. The bowls are available in 10 fl. ounce, 20 fl. ounce, 4 fl. cup and 8 fl. cup (1 and 2 qt.) sizes.
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Use caution with young dogs, June 1, 2009
D. Chapman (Virginia Beach, VA United States)
I got two of these bowls on sale for a drastically reduced price. They really seemed like a great idea, but their first use proved otherwise. My 12 week old puppy quickly managed to dislodge the bowls from the holders. I didn't really care about the mess, but I did get concerned when she managed to get one of the extension arms of the holders lodged in her mouth while she tried to chew on it. Besides that, the prongs sticking out represent a poking threat to her eyes or the rest of her body. I ended up throwing out the holders and keeping the stainless steel bowls. I Only paid about $5/bowl setup, so the stainless bowls were still a reasonable buy.

Great Product, March 10, 2009
AJ's Mom (Scottsdale, AZ, USA)
This is perfect for when you have to crate your dogs for a few hours when you leave the house. It gives our 6 month old puppy and 4 year old dog just enough water until we get home.

It was difficult to detach the bowl the first time, but after that it's been easy. Also, it's very easy to attach to the kennel and once on, it is very secure.

I do recommend filling it while the bowl is already in place to avoid spills.

I plan on getting a larger one for our puppy when she is bigger (she's going to be between 60-80 lbs full grown) but this size is perfect for our adult dog who is 50 lbs.

great and sturdy crate bowls, December 13, 2009
Marie Leroux
i have a 6.2lbs alaskan klee kai, and this has worked out perfectly with my 30"H midwest wire crate. i was a little hesitant to buy this bowl (10oz) because of some of the dislodging issues some people had, but i decided the pros outweighed the cons. i honestly have no clue how crazy someone's dog has to be to pull these things out, because i have a hard time sometimes. i believe if your dog is so determined as to getting these out, they must either be a) bored out of their mind or b) hate the crate ... so probably isn't the bowl's fault, per se. however, compared to some other reviewers, i do not see the difficulty of getting the bowl out as a bad thing. i WANT it to be hard to take out since i would rather my dog not poke their eyes out on the holders. if you have a certain method (i.e., stabilizing the holder and rotating the bowl in has worked for me) to get a water-filled bowl in, it's really not that hard to get it out or in with water inside. (even if you don't want to chance.

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